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Peter Fardell

I live in Cottingham, East Yorkshire, with my wife, Carole, and our son, Thomas.

I have taught in a nearby Hull primary school for over twenty years. It is this job (and the fact that I share it with my wife!) which gives me the opportunity to develop my songwriting and try out musical and dramatical ideas with hundreds of pupils. Very often I find that music gets through to children in a way that no other area of the curriculum can. My first break in published songwriting came when Golden Apple took on a collection of fun Maths songs I wrote for use in the classroom. This book and CD is called 'Double Trouble'. Over the next few years Golden Apple published three of my schools' musicals which have all done quite well. My next really big break came when those great people at Starshine Music agreed to publish 'A Wriggly Nativity', which has become by far the most popular of my works so far.

I write my songs on the piano, which is my favourite instrument. I had piano lessons when young, but never really took it all that seriously which is, I think, why I never stopped playing and why I still enjoy it so much. I play a few other instruments a little bit and my favourite music to listen to is from the pre-war jazz era.  I like other styles too though; anything at all with a good tune or well written lyrics.